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Our T.R.A.N.S. Mentorship Program is a virtual service for transgender and nonbinary individuals and their family members. We know the significance of representation/visibility in the trans and nonbinary community. Our mentors will represent, can personally relate, and are professionally experienced to mentor our mentees efficiently. 


Transgender and Nonbinary (ages 13+)

 Family members of Transgender and Nonbinary

Our transgender youth and adults experience severe trauma, abuse, and neglect from societal and familial cultures, practices, and belief systems. Often our trans and nonbinary siblings are fearful and left to cope with the pain they experience in the world and from loved ones. T.R.A.N.S.parent Life Conversations offers virtual 1on1 mentoring and support groups. We mentor our mentees to be triumphant over life’s obstacles, resilient against adversities, and become an authentic noble success.  

We mentor family members who are wanting to learn how to advocate, cope, and or build a healthy relationship with their gender expansive loved one. Our mentors are empathetic and compassionate towards family members because we know the challenges a loved one encounters being related and/or accepting the identity of their gender variant family member. 

Support Groups

Support groups are offered to our trans an nonbinary sibling and their family members.


All mentoring sessions and support groups are virtual.

*Interested in becoming a T.R.A.N.S. Mentor?

*Are you trans and or nonbinary?

*Do you have a passion to help TGNC individuals overcome life challenges?


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